One of the groups at the top of my mind during this pandemic (besides of course our wonderful healthcare workers): high school seniors.

I remember that special time in my life and wish for you those same rites of passage. You might be wondering what happened to your senior year and feeling like it is a bit unfair. You are one of a kind, though. Who else can say that their senior year occurred during a worldwide pandemic?!

No one has the stories that you can tell. You are special. You are unique.

In trying to figure out a way to bring back a little more joy and to celebrate 2020 seniors, I created the 10 Yard Push, a creative way to capture those pictures in your prom dress or tuxedo, your cap and gown photo, your sprint sports shots, or that senior concert photo.

It's called the "10 Yard Push" because, in order to be safe and to comply with city ordinances of staying at least 6 feet away from another person, I will be photographing you from afar --10 yards to be exact!

The name "10 Yard Push" is a metaphor, for sometimes that 10 yards in a football game seem insurmountable, but if you can get past the psychological challenge of it, the physical can happen. Similarly, during this pandemic, we are challenged to make it those "10 yards" to get through these uncertain times. Using our creativity and supporting others can help us push forward those “10 yards”.

Let's capture some memories, while we join together to support the

"Okay to Say" initiative of the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute that provides all of us with some tools to help friends and loved ones who are struggling with a mental health issue. This fine organization helps to prevent teen and young adult suicide. It takes all of us to make it through these tough times.

For a donation of $65 or more in support of Okay to Say, you may choose between a banner to display indoors or outdoors or a yard sign to show your community and fellow seniors that we are #allinthistogether.

Let’s tell those stories of yours and make some magic happen! Message me if you're interested in being part of this project. 💗

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